Why I Ditched WordPress and Moved to Medium

A decade ago I decided to dump my old BlogCFC blog and start fresh with a shiny new WordPress blog. I know the world mourned the loss of those posts. Both of them.

This year will mark my ninth year on WordPress and once again it is time for a change. WordPress has so many amazing and wonderful features and on rare occasions I use Create Post. The rest of it is pure overkill for me. I thought it was about time for a change of scenery; a new template was not the solution.

A friend recommended checking out Jekyll, the static site generator written in Ruby. I love how easy it is to write posts markdown and how easy it is to add metadata with front matter. The issue I had was configuration. I could have a good looking site up and running but I would have to be willing to devote the time. Unfortunately, in the long run, it is not worth it.

The other option I was considering was Ghost. I still think of Ghost as the new kid on the block although I suppose after five years it is a veteran. The administration interface is straight forward, has few frills and is completely uncluttered. In short, I love it. Getting it configured, much like the interface, is straight forward and simple. The down side would be having to manage another server or pay a subscription fee.

Medium might not be the answer to every issue, but it hit the sweet spots. I do not mind managing servers, heck I made a career of it, but I would rather avoid worrying about security updates and the day-to-day management. Medium is affordable and is still way cheaper than the subscription fees for Ghost. Static site generators are an option and I know a few good companies for hosting static content, but you still have to find a good layout and deal with the nuances of the generator.

Medium won.

Over the next few weeks I will probably pull a few posts over from the old blog, but I will be starting from scratch again. I am good with that.

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