The Different Types of Concrete Stains Which Might Suit Your Floor

Concrete Stains are one of the in things nowadays. There isn’t a single house in my suburb of Houston Texas which does not have a concrete stained floor, and hence you can imagine how quickly this fad is catching on amongst the masses.

Here are two different types of concrete stains that you can try out on your floor.

Water based Concrete Stains

Water based concrete stains have been a big hit in the market, and the cause of their popularity stems for the fact that they are extremely user friendly and almost anybody can apply them without having to care much about application or doing substantial damage. You can also get these paints at a pretty affordable price as well. They release their pigment particles after they penetrate the pores in the concrete. There is no chemical reaction and the colors that you see are due to the fact that the stain has gone into the concrete via the pores. This gives the concrete the color and vibrance that it requires.

Acid Based Concrete Stains

In contrast these use phosphoric acid to open the pores in the concrete. It also has metallic salts which further intensifies the chemical reaction. The chemical reaction which subsequently takes place is what gives the concrete the color and vibrancy that most home owners desire.

Concrete stains are a big hit in Houston Texas and you can literally go to any house and I am sure you will find a floor which has colored concrete. If you are looking to get the same effect make sure to visit

I would suggest that if you have the money to spare do go with colored concrete.