You want to read more Books but can’t find the time?

How my love for books got rekindled with audiobooks

When I was a very young I used to like reading a lot. I read all the Harry Potter books and a lot of horror books but as soon as I went to school that changed. I stoped reading, I’ve met with friends, startet playing videogames, did all kinds of sport and just forgot that I actually loved books.

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” — Oscar Wilde

I think we are living in the time were it seems like you just cant’t find the time to read anymore because there seem to be so many other things that are more important.

What start reading again?

Self improvement and really digging deep into my own personallity is important to me and is something I’m working on for more than a year now. If you are not happy with where you’re currently at you should never blame someone else but yourself. I’ve learned this the hard way. So reading was neccessary to get a different point of view on life.

How books help making your life better?

So you want to start a new chapter in your life, you’d like to learn a new skill, start a company or just be happier? Whatever it is that you like to do there is probably someone out there that tried something similiar. We only learn through our experiences or someone elses, we make mistakes, we fall, we stand up again and keep going. Why would you be willing to make every mistake on your own when there is somebody out there that already learned through different experiences, made up his mind and wrote a book about it. Books are one of your most powerful tools in life because you have years of experience compressed in just a couple pages.

The game changer

The problem remained because I still couldn’t find the time to sit down and read so I decided that I’m going to try listening to audiobooks. I went to the appstore downloaded audible and bought my first audiobook.

Jordan B. Petersons — 12 rules for life.

“Rule 4 compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today “”— Jordan B. Peterson

Finally I was able to get the knowledge from books without the need to sit down and just focus on reading. I listen to audiobooks when I’m cleaning my appartement, while I’m commuting, while I’m waiting for someone, before I go to bed, while I’m preparing my dinner. There are so many opportunitys during the day were we can use our time better and just get more knowledge.

And so my love for books got rekindled and because I’m someone that likes a good challenge I tried to started listening to one book a week. So I went to 10 books in 10 weeks. From the biographies of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos to Robert Kiyosakis Rich dad poor dad each with a different story and a different lesson to learn.

By the way my favorite books so far came from Seth Godin with really important lessons on all aspects of life.

If youare someone like me that struggles with sitting down for a long time just reading you should really give audiobooks a try because with knowledge it’s the same as with cheese you can’t have too much of it.

In the end I’d like to give you a list of some books that I’ve listened too and enjoyed. This is just a really short list but it’ll give you a good start.

Rich dad poor dad — Robert Kiyosakis

The sublte art of not giving a f*ck — Mark manson

Steve Jobs — Walter Isaacson

Linchpin — Seth Godin

Extreme Ownerhsip — Jocko Willink

The Dip — Seth Goding

Crushing It — Gary Veynerchuck

12 rules for life — Jodan B. Peterson

Deep work — Cal Newport