Breakup advice for when you’re still in love with your ex
Laurel Lau

Some (what I hope is constructive) criticism:

  1. grammar and spelling — I see this a lot in the few articles I’ve read. I’m not a professional journalist but blatant grammar mistakes make it hard for me to take these articles super seriously. I know you’re only one person and it’s entirely possible English isn’t your first language but I think paying for a cheap reviewer would help improve brand image a thousandfold. “When both partners IS still in love” — it’s hard for me to trust that you can give me meaningful advice when you can’t use “are” and “is” properly.
  2. vague advice — I feel that almost half of this post is questions. Also, how does any of this differ from the generic advice that any blogger, psychiatrist, relationship “guru”, etc. can give me? Try new things, self-reflect, let myself be sad — it’s like someone telling me that I should stay organized. Great but I don’t know how to get started or what resources to leverage or where to ask for help… I like that the quiz is one actionable step I can take but what else can I do? Should I keep a journal to record my feelings? Should I reach out to a psychologist? Should I set aside one day a week to try that new hobby? Should I set short / long term goals and write them out on a big piece of paper?
  3. hackneyed cliches — “When you close a door to one experiences, you open to many more experiences in your life.” Aside from the grammar mistake, if I’m looking for a life coach, I don’t need a regurgitation of the cliches that I could find if I Googled “inspirational quotes”. SHOW/TELL me how to open those extra doors in my life. I already have high profiles actors / philosophers / writers to give me inspiration, I need you to help me take that inspiration and transform it into execution.

I do like the messages that you’re trying to spread and while this may be blunt, I’m hoping it’s helpful more than anything else. I recall you being a very nice person with the limited interactions we’ve had in the past.

You have minimal engagements across most social channels, and I think better content via fixing some of the above will help highlight your skills as a professional.


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