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Written by Robert Foster

I recently helped a young startup take its initial commercial strides in an established and regulated industry. This company was self-funded and managed to secure a couple pilots by leveraging personal relationships, but had yet to make significant sales or branding overtures with a limited marketing budget.

Leading up to this, I had lived several years overseas, and with a few exceptions my industry contacts were stale at best, and I was left to research and contact prospects directly. …

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Photo by Benjamin Smith on Unsplash

As an avid user and partner of both Shopify and MailChimp, this kerfuffle is intriguing to me, and likely to other co-users. And I suppose, worrisome to some at first glance.

But what are the potential implications of this breakup of sorts? And who stands to gain and lose?


This breakup apparently has been in the making for some time. Several months ago, the same thing happened — a semi-public tiff — like the one most of us have experienced or witnessed in relationships, but at the time the long time partners kissed and made up. …


Robert Foster

A healthtech exec with a persistent Shopify sidehustle, Rob is married to Clarissa, father to Nic & Oliver, and a proud Cruzeiro EC supporter.

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