The Science Behind Procrastination And How You Can Beat It
Darius Foroux

Procrastination has always found a way to stick to my daily routine and this has been very evident when I was Grade 10. Aware that I still have assignments and other activities to accomplish, I still hang out with my friends after classes. This leaves me another stressful night rushing everything that has to be finished, staying up late and lacking more sleep which we all know is not very conducive to good health.

Throughout the year, I did my best to combat this bad habit. I totally agree with you because as with any other addiction, procrastination feels good for a short time but it really feels bad after a long time. I felt that I have to fix this habit as soon as possible because the longer this gets, the worse this becomes. Counteracting procrastination is something I shouldn’t procrastinate about.

The adage “late sometimes becomes never” has made an impact in my life several times. I have missed opportunities because I procrastinated. Realizing this is definitely something I want to avoid, I made now is the always the best time to do something” a mantra of mine. Presently, I am making the best out of every opportunity to become productive.

Our summer vacation is at the edge of the cliff and being Grade 11 is less than a week away. I will apply everything I learned from this article. Hoping this school year becomes a year of productivity!

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