We Named Our Firm COSIMO Ventures

Rob Frasca
2 min readMar 29, 2019


We named our firm after the father figure and one of the greatest patrons of the Renaissance, Cosimo di Giovanni de ‘ Medici, an Italian banker and first of the Italian Medici dynasty c1460.

The COSIMO ethos:

COSIMO was founded on the principle that we, as experienced entrepreneurs provide great value to emerging entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help transform the most promising early stage technology companies into global leaders.

COSIMO seeks to partner with the creative, determined, defiant, independent thinker whose ambition is to change the world. We seek founders that are true believers and fighters who are resolute in their mission to build a legendary company.

We know these founders are extremely rare and we will leave “no stone unturned” until we find them.

We hold the highest respect for the entrepreneur and will always work for and toward their success. We are a team of passionate overachievers with a strong desire to win that matches the founders with whom we partner.

We are operators. We know the joy received when you sign the front of a pay check. We know the stress you feel to never miss a payroll. We push when we see potential. We are transparent. We are direct. Our entire team has built companies of their own before joining COSIMO. We all have the “Entrepreneur First” mindset. We are partners for the long term.



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