Click and Crack

I’ve often felt that the sound of clicking heels on concrete strikes a similar nerve as the sensation of a bite into a crispy potato chip or a freshly picked apple. There is something delightful about that snap or crack that brings about a feeling of lightness that is missed when the chip is stale or the shoe’s sole is soft. There is a sense of freshness, of youth, and aliveness to the sound. Fresh vegetables can be crisp, a fresh stalk of celery or a carrot that is nourishing to the body. Or perhaps it reminds us of the hearth, of warmth and of home. The crackling of wood in a fireplace keeping us comfortable and alive. It is the sound that baked bread makes when it is first taken out of the oven. Or, when we used to watch old movies in the darkness of the theater, the popping of the dust and scratches on the old sound reels, reminding us that we are witnessing an artifact that has withstood the test of time.

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