Everyone Thinks I’m Gay (But I’m Not)
The Bold Italic Editors

I had an excellent time tonight. It was another night among a dozen of times where I hung out with a gay man and enjoyed myself. However, I reached a point where that person hit on me (which usually happens) and Im like, “wtf is wrong with me?” So I was looking around on the net and found this article. Its funny because after relating to your article completely, I still want a title. Im not gay. Holy crap, Im not gay. Cant even imagine a life without my women. But at the same time, the heteronormative male makes me sick to my stomach. How contrived to talk sports like its the rite of passage for a truly straight male. And when I can’t comment on the draft picks for (oh who the heck cares) the guy looks at me as less of a person. I freakin love Prada, glam malls, skinny jeans, gorgeous dresses… I talk to my wife all the time about the virtues of MAC and kate spade. I talk with my hands and cross my legs and make faces at things that are “grrosssss”. But Im a guy; I push wrenches, climb rocks, drink beer, cuss and slobber over hot women. So whats my title? Im not gay. Im not straight (acting). Im…..

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