How we designed an automation product for Facebook Messenger and Workplace used by the likes of the BBC and Johnson & Johnson.

Our discovery

In 2016, Facebook launched the Messenger Platform allowing developers to build Messenger chat bots. After building a bot for our client Dutch DJ Hardwell we discovered impressive audience engagement…

With this result identified our team at We Make Awesome Sh saw Facebook bots as a great area for the development of a new product.

Product mission

Given our result with Hardwell, could we create a tool that allowed others to build bots and get these results?

It became our mission to provide brands and businesses the tools they need to build…

A digital campaign that saw 15,000 fans take to the streets of Manhattan to complete a geolocation mission.

Winner in location-based experience
Shorty Awards, 2017

Ahead of Season 6 Showtime asked us to develop a campaign using a geolocation product we were working on. Landmrk allows brands and music labels to create a location-based experience by leaving digital content in different locations for people to find. It’s been used by the likes of Lynx, Shakira, Keith Richards and Alt-J.

The result for Homeland was an interactive walking tour around seven New York City locations featured in the new series. Fans could unlock exclusive content from the show and enter a sweepstakes to win prizes.

My role

As Design Lead I…

How we increased Kleenex Balsam sales year-on-year by 40% with an adaptive marketing tool.

Cannes Lions Gold Award, 2013
“Best use of digital media”

Prior to 2012, Kleenex Balsam ran their yearly Cold and Flu campaign from October to February without fail. However in 2011 the UK experienced the hottest October in 100 years, resulting in low cases of cold and flu.

Kleenex wanted to find a strategic way to allocate media spend. Mindshare’s answer was to to create a data led adaptive planning tool using NHS and google keyword data. The tool would help tackle the UKs regular flu epidemics by allowing media planners to target affected geographic regions in real-time.

This design…

A campaign for Greenpeace that visualised real-time actions of social support and helped force Shell to stop Arctic drilling.

Innovation in Music & Brands Winner
Music Ally Awards

Greenpeace approached the team at WMAS to create the digital element of their campaign ‘Requiem for Arctic Ice’. Their aim was to create noise online that would help force Shell to stop Arctic drilling.

Working collaboratively with composers, a piece of music was created that dynamically played online based on supporters digital engagement with the campaign.

My role

I was responsible for delivery of UI and UX. …

How we engaged the Caribbean with an in-browser audio remixer ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics

Bronze Award Winner for User Experience
Institute of Creative Advertising and Design, 2017

The story

How does a Caribbean mobile provider get heard when it’s not an official Olympic sponsor and it has a relatively small spend? By mixing the two things that link all Caribbean countries; music and sport.

Remixer video case study by Boys and Girls

The business need

  • To build brand equity and awareness in the Caribbean prior to the Rio Olympics.
  • Create a share worthy, memorable moment which involves top Caribbean athletes and music legends.

Our goal

  • Inspire our audience to engage with the campaign song ‘Bring the beat’ made with sport and…

Rob Hampson

Senior UI / UX Designer at Vodafone.

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