Common Betting Strategies You Should Follow

Making money through sports betting may be tough. However, there are a number of sports bettors who constantly win. Plus, many professional bettors make even a living by sports betting. If you wish to become a winning bettor, here are some common strategies you should follow.

Bankroll management

Always bet that much amount you can afford to lose. For this, you should set aside specific amount which is typically referred to as ‘bankroll.’ You can set it for a week, month or season. A general wise strategy for money management during sports betting is to make bets with only 1–5% of your bankroll. For example, if your bankroll for NHL betting lines is $2000, you would be spending $20-$100 dollar on each bet. Always stick to the line bankroll and never chase your losses by making bigger bets. When you are down with money, you may feel tempted to win it back by increasing the size of the bet. However, never commit this mistake. It may lead you lose even more money. Always work on the size of the bankroll. Try to increase it through a season slowly.

Bet while you are sober

It is a common sense that you should bet while sober. However, you would be surprised to know that several people bet under the influence. We don’t know it is a coincidence or what that casinos offer free alcoholic drinks while gambling! Betting while under the influence may blight your judgment and must be avoided if you want to win. The second formula is to control your emotion. Don’t let your emotions take over, or get angry or upset while placing bets. It may lead you to a wrong decision. If you are overwhelmed by any emotion, it is advisable to make your mind clear by taking a walk or break.

Make early preparations

Always make research before placing your bets. Betting for favorite sports team is a common strategy bettors follow. However, in longer run, it will not lead you win money. In order to make maximum profit, try research, study, go through the stats, sort out trends and create a system.