If it’s socially egregious to suggest that females are slaves to their hormones, then shouldn’t the same expectation apply to males?

In our weakest moments, we reveal truths about ourselves we’d prefer to hide. Maybe what we ought to be doing is to not hide them but uncover them, own them, change them.

When we own our true nature through strength and vulnerability, we are defining what masculinity is.

The Bromance Phenomenon

Let’s take into consideration the societal and environmental influences in which participants are growing.

Practicing meditation can bring joy, focus, healing, and many other incredibly powerful benefits if you go in prepared.

Sleep deprivation in adolescents and teens is strongly associated with suicide, the second leading cause of death of teenagers.

Rob Imbeault

Father of daughters, volunteer, author of Before I Leave You: A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction, and Healing. Co-founder Assent Compliance #LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈

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