A Collection of Random Thoughts

Assorted rants

I think that we don’t care that cliches are cliche anymore making cliches much less cliche.

I think we should worry about what kind of example we are settings for ourselves.

I think it’s musical to reconcile our calculation with our instinct.

I believe buying things makes us happy then the novelty of having them wears off when we discover the next thing. When the pragmatism of the idea that stuff isn’t the answer no longer needs to be a shift in the way we live we will be free from it.

I believe the world is infinitely better than what it used to be and I am excited for my child to experience the next level of better.

I believe we will figure out that technology is just a bunch of tools and we will not let it disrupt our lives. We do have some decisions to make however.

I believe the word success has become too nebulous and contrived so I replace it with the word _________.

I believe removing the consideration of how others will judge you will dramatically increase the likelihood of finding joy.

I believe that making something out of nothing is something that all humans can find joy in.

I believe that in the not-so-distant future we will look back and wonder how we could’ve treated animals so poorly.

I wonder if the younger generation of today will continue to share every moment of their lives on social media when they are in their 90's.

I believe we can cheer ourselves up and even repair our bodies by making a choice.

I believe that we find bliss when we are in a natural flow state.

I believe that overcoming adversity is essential to growth.

I believe that expectation defines our feeling about the outcome just not in the way we expected.

I believe all life and relationships are fleeting and so I cherish them deeply, but let them go when it’s time.

I believe that religion is good for community, but lethal for humanity.

I believe meditation made me a healthier and better person.

I believe getting a good nights sleep helps you perform better.

I believe that having a favourite colour or food or car is a weird thing.

I believe alcohol tastes bad and so do tomatoes, but don’t get me started on food.

I believe that the moment we think we’ve helped enough, we’re wrong.

I believe that it’s cruel to tell someone that their dead loved ones have gone to a better place.

I believe that people should never suggest or give their opinion on baby names to expecting parents.

I believe money has its place. Right after everything that has value.

I believe happiness is a choice as is stress, how we react to any situation, love, health, and friendship.

I believe ego is one of the toughest infections to overcome, is never-ending, and is a zero-sum game.

I believe that fighting can be an empowering sport, but weapons are tools of the wicked.

I believe that anyone who is against gay marriage is a bigot.

I believe what you consume, physiologically or mentally, will feed or poison you, physiologically or mentally.

I believe the novelty of being able to message anyone, anytime has worn off.

I believe that social status is relative not absolute.

I believe our culture strives to desire not appreciate, but we’re getting better.

I think all drugs should be legal and available. Let the chips fall where they may and evolution take place.

I believe education and healthcare should be available worldwide. The richer countries can more than afford to do this and, again, watch evolution take place.

I believe that the environment is our generation’s Kitty Genovese, we all believe someone else will take care it.

I believe the way you talk to people matters. Don’t confuse my tranquility for apathy nor my kindness for weakness.

I believe that meaning and purpose are defined for ourselves not learned, found or dictated.

I believe that happiness is a byproduct of creation, kindness, tranquility, self-love, and, ironically, the search for happiness.

I believe that trying to figure out the origin of the universe is a waste of time. I’d rather be enjoying the universe.

I believe that if we assume there’s no afterlife we cherish our current life more.

I believe we can glean insight from any interaction. We just need to look.

I don’t have a favourite colour. I never understood the point. I think it’s a strange question that I don’t know how to answer as I don’t want to offend the other colours.

I believe that Magnum PI and Breaking Bad were the best television shows of all time.

I believe that airlines are right when they say adjust your own oxygen mask before helping others.

I believe we know our addiction to stuff is empty, but we’re too afraid to let go of it.

I believe that I should talk less and listen more.

I know that although we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control our reaction to it.

I believe the “carrot and stick” approach to motivating people needs to retire. We’re not donkeys.

I believe maintaining a healthy diet is tricky.

I believe people who are drinking are insecure around people who are not drinking and that the reverse is true.

I believe that showing up every day is one of the most difficult things to do.

I believe millennials is a positive part of our social evolution. That’s right, they are the evolved version of my generation.

I believe pessimists get all the headlines while optimists prove to be right more often. (Rational Optimist)

I believe that if you teach children that things will always end up for the worse they will do less to make it untrue.

I believe cats are great pets.

I believe that using Facebook makes people unhappy.

I believe that accepting love is love.

I’m not very good at building empires.

I never understood the value of “street cred.”

I despise tomatoes on their own, but love them as an ingredient or cooked in any way.

I despise raisins as an ingredient or cooked in any way, but love them on their own.

I can be weird. I’m lucky my wife likes weird.

I believe that cameras do in fact lie sometimes.

I find it bizarre that people in our culture were/are against mixed marriages or “mixing races.”

I remember when the ring tone was my phone’s best feature.

I believe that hashtagging is not activism.

I believe that one should not believe the hype.

I believe that there is a line between art and not art, but I don’t know where it is.

I don’t think a better TV will make me happier.

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