How do I explain violence?

Without getting too deep into my psyche I have always wondered how I am supposed to feel about certain things, but more importantly and now timely, how can I explain these things to my daughter? I love people. I love life. I work hard to always improve. To be kinder, to be stronger, to be wiser. I was someone who was severely bullied at times resulting in broken bones. I never understood why I was treated the way I was by my classmates, but I persevered and it made me a strong individual in many ways. Boxing for much of my twenties and thirties helped as well. Now with the upcoming birth of my daughter I know she will have a lot of questions about how the world works and why people do the things they do and for many of those I don’t have answers for.

What can I say with an image of a man claiming to be a part of ISIS about to cut someone’s head off? How about a video of a man slicing the fins off of a living shark only to throw it back into the ocean? How about war? Any type of cruelty or bullying really. How can I explain it? Some people are just assholes? We’re all different and some people are just not good? They didn’t have mommies and daddies that loved them or something may have happened to them that is making them do these awful things? So many questions. Of course my instinct is to keep them sheltered from these things, but that won’t last forever. I’ll continue on this search.

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