You should read these books with a pinch of salt (perhaps an ironic phrase given the subject matter…
Adam McCann

Lol pinch of salt awesome. Thanks so much Adam! I read everything that way. First thing I search tor after reading is “counter/hoax/response/etc ___book title___” China Study has a lot of counter but the main themes I find withstand scrutiny. And I find there’s more in common than not with a lot of the “modern” diets like slow-carb, paleo, ketogenic, etc. I do think plant based is the most optimum based on the last year or so of my own research and it’s proven for me as I test my blood lipids regularly and it also aligns with my ethical views. There’s also a trump (can we still use that word? lol) card for any nutritional argument and that’s that each of us are our own unique bag of biochemistry so what’s optimum for some maybe not be for others. That settles most discussions with my friends anyway. :)

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