My First 30 Days of Being a Vegetarian

What I’ve learned

Although I did stop eating meat overnight there were months of consideration and unintentional preparation that helped the transition. In an effort to be healthier I started to consume as many “superfoods” as I could throughout the days and weeks. I posted about it here. This provided a foundation upon which I could make the switch without any loss of vitamins or nutrients. I won’t get into why I wanted to stop eating meat and I certainly won’t be trying to recruit anyone. Your diet is a personal decision so have at it. This is more about the strategies around how I made the transition. My particular brand of vegetarianism is lacto-veggie since I still eat eggs and, although very little, cheese and butter.


I hit the ground running in the morning. Within the first 10 minutes of waking up I start with a protein shake (Either the Precision Whey Isolate or MRM Veggie Elite), with Progressive VegeGreens and spirulina. I take a cod liver oil and krill oil supplement as well.

I meditate and do some sort of workout/yoga/sprint and once I’m showered up I make myself 2 egg whites with one whole egg with salsa and hot sauce. This is my second protein kick for the day. This is also where I enjoy my glorious first cup of coffee.

I take an apple, a banana and my superfood overnight oats to work. I prepare the oats on Sundays. It contains 1/4 Oats, blueberries, raspberries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, ground flax, cacao nibs, walnuts, acai berry powder, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and coconut milk. It’s pretty power packed! I tend to eat these before lunch which brings my nutrient profile pretty high and I haven’t even had lunch yet.


I try to have cashews, almonds, peanuts and goji berries available at work and home. Not only do they taste great, and high in vitamins and nutrients, but they satiate my snacking cravings. I still do chips and popcorn at times as I love the salt.

Lunches and Dinners

The trick to eating healthy is to plan. When I don’t plan and I have to decide I tend to opt for the less healthy options. I top meals off with a piece of dark chocolate pretty often as well. Hey, it’s a superfood too! Restaurants are tough so far as I’m not eating fish so I do tend to check out the menu online before I go.

Water and Drinks

I put a stop to drinking any soft drinks a long time ago. I pretty much only drink water, coffee, tea, protein shakes, and the occasional Zevia ginger ale.

Throughout the transition I did notice that I was drawn to comforting junk food as I transitioned. I know that some veggie burgers and hot dogs were delicious which is true, but with it comes the breads, toppings and sides which are not so good. I can see now how easy it can become a junk food vegetarian.

Tools and Apps

I tend to drink the quantified self kool-aid so I’m using a few apps to track my progress.

  • Chronometer
  • Pillow Sleep tracking
  • Apple Health
  • Muse Headband App
  • Heart Rate Pro
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