The Art Money Paradox

When does someone decide to become an artist? We know as kids our parents would encourage us to draw and paint and create, but at some point we are steered away from an artist’s life. We are instead encouraged to follow a path that leads to money and to treat artistic endeavours as a past time. Many take this path. Some choose to work a shitty job to afford the time to work on their craft. Some even make it as an artist, but most do not. I truly respect the ones who chase their dream to do what they love. It takes a lot of work, dedication and bravery to chose this path and the ones that “make it” and start making are rewarded with the label of “sell-out.” And there is the paradox. I’ll be honest I thought like this back when musicians would try to sue Napster and its users for illegally downloading their music. I thought if they were artists that they should be happy their art was being listened to. I didn’t consider the years of work and dedication to their craft. I only thought of the millions of dollars they were already making.

I’m about to have a daughter who may want to become an artist. I believe the best thing I could do is to help figure out a way to make that possible without her having to be a starving one.Whatever she chooses she’ll have my encouragement, empowerment and support.

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