You stated:
Randy Turney

It feels pretty awful to be mislabeled in a negative way, right? I agree. Imagine if I had changed one letter and called you a rapist. How would you have reacted then?

To recap, here’s what happened in our discussion, to my knowledge:

-You made the point that not all Republicans act out of racist motives. I agreed.

-I asserted that the Trump administration is another matter. I offered these facts as evidence:

1) Saying Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists, when they commit crimes at lower rates that American citizens. (Apparently you think it would only be racist if he were talking about ALL Mexicans, not just immigrants? Do you know it’s racist to discriminate against ONE person because of their race? You’ll notice he did not say, “Slovakian immigrants are rapists.”)

2) Jeff Sessions has tried to keep Black people from voting. I offered an article, you ignored it. I also offered an article on the racist effects of the war on drugs. You ignored this. If you support this man and these policies, you are allowing Black communities to continue to suffer unnecessarily.

3) I offered an article on the horribly racist things Breitbart has published. You ignored this.

4) I offered specific immigration policy changes that are harmful and counter-productive. You ignored these. You offered no counter-evidence.

5) You retreated back to the classic deflection: “I am not racist.” I asked you for evidence on how the policies you support help minorities rather than hurt them. You said, “I don’t have to.”

6) You ended with the trope of most Trump supporters: “Liberals only say these things because they want to feel morally superior.” Denying the fact that the evidence for my points is real. No expressed compassion for those who are suffering under the Trump administration.

It’s hard to believe that I believe these things because I care about people, and want to do my best to promote equality and minimize suffering, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe facts that are counter to our assumptions, isn’t it?

Ignoring, making assertions with no evidence, deflecting, supporting harmful policies and blaming liberals. I can see why you like Trump.

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