I’m trying to figure out where all of this hand wringing and emotional tantrums are coming from.
Peaceful Feeling

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the article. Several commenters have made this point: that conflating my personal and my professional views detracts from the article. It made me reflect, so I thought I would address the point.

I absolutely intended to merge my personal, political, and professional selves with this article. I hoped the title would make that clear. This is not an exclusively objective, professional article, meant for a journal or academic audience. It is also not part of a therapeutic handbook or relationship. The article represents my attempt to create a framework for making sense of our current political situation, and in doing so, I merged my professional knowledge with my personal process. If Trump is not causing you to feel outrage and despair, I expected this article would not speak to you.

Does that mean I only see clients who agree with my political leanings? Absolutely not. Does that mean I think all democrats are the “good guys”? Most certainly no. I said neither of these things in the article. 
This piece is intended for those who are suffering because many who currently hold political power are attacking many of the values they hold dear. I am one of those people, and I don’t apologize for that. If you are not one of those people, I appreciate you reading and responding to the article, but I won’t accept you challenging its very premise.

Many have objected that they would like more specific evidence for the sweeping claims I make about Trump and the GOP. I can understand that. If you would like me to make an exhaustive list, I certainly could. This article was not intended to attack or diagnose Trump. I assumed those reading the article already held deep concerns about his mental stability and his potential to do harm.

I believe our national crisis is about more than politics. Trump is not someone I merely disagree with politically. He is not Romney or McCain or Kasich. He is so much more dangerous than that. I am not the first to say so. Many professionals have expressed grave concern about his mental health, and are debating the Goldwater Rule vs. “duty to warn.” I strongly disagree with the assertion that these concerns are simply overreacting or catastrophizing. “Liberals” have not created the atmosphere of fear and anxiety many are experiencing. Trump has done that himself.

I work with many immigrants who now live in constant fear, to a far greater degree than they did before November 9th, 2016. I work with many Muslims who carry that same fear. I work with poor people who are at risk of losing health care, after-school programs, and Meals on Wheels. I work with many women who struggle under a misogynistic culture. I work with many African-Americans who see Trump’s administration threatening their communities. These people are not simply “liberals,” “progressives,” or “snowflakes.” They are real people who are really being hurt by this administration.