Introducing The People First Social Network
Andrew Torba


I just listened to your interview on, and the Gab platform sounds great. There’s one thing you haven’t mentioned yet, which is spam; specifically, adbots posting advertising comments (like the ubiquitous “My roommate makes $(five digit figure) posting on the Internet; click here to find out how!” scam that shows up on high-ranking Disqus posts). Every time I see one of those, I see a different username, and a different set of deliberate misspellings to attempt to get around word-filter lists. Is this something you plan to address? At the moment as Gab is just getting started, you won’t be targeted by these adbots because the money’s in posting comments on Facebook, Disqus, and so on. But eventually you’ll start seeing those types of adbot comments showing up.

My thoughts on the subject have been along the lines of “Some comments should be automatically hidden, if they fit certain categories (like these adbot-created comments). But to make sure to keep you honest and make sure that that power doesn’t devolve into censorship, there should be a way to click to see ANY hidden comment, and upvote it if you believe it shouldn’t have been hidden.”

I like the idea of a mute button, rather than a block button, in principle. But because of the prevalence of spam, and the fact that spammers keep using different accounts, I think it might be wise to put systems in place to block spammers. Their patterns are *different* from trolls, because there usually isn’t a real person posting the comment.

Hopefully this is something you’ve already considered, and this comment was unnecessary. Gab looks like it’s going to be useful, and I’ve already signed up for the waiting list.

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