Bi-Weekly Report — October 31, 2018

Please note we have added the tech update second in the report and the marketing and operation update first. We will continue this format moving forward.

Part 1: Marketing & Operation

#1 Profile Management Eco-System (PMES)

The PUT Economy is growing and in a BIG way (profit projection tables below)! The Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) is a very exciting step for Robin8 and its investors.

PMES Website — Going Live Next Week

What can you upload to the blockchain using PMES?

Via blockchain, users claim ownership of and monetize their digital assets such as ebooks, software, password keys, cryptocurrency tokens listed on stock exchanges, social media profile data, video or other content training programs, photographs, databases, images, graphic design, marketing swipe files, and much more.

Profit Projections — Users Pay in PUT!

We have marketing in place to get 5000 PMES users starting next week and every time they upload info on the blockchain, they pay $5 (QTUM) or $3.50 (PUT).

When using PUT they get a 30% discount on all transactions so we have incentivized users to buy PUT from the exchange. The goal is drive up the demand of PUT which will increase the value of PUT.

The cloud file storage platform, Dropbox, currently has 500 million users. If we project numbers based on one million PMES users, we get the following:

M = million
B = billion

How PMES works:

Step 1: Upload & Claim

User-friendly interface to easily add your digital assets to the blockchain and create your digital product library; receive unique blockchain data to verify that your information is on the blockchain.

Step 2: Set Price & Sell

Set your price for each product profile; easily sell your assets using the secure PMES cryptocurrency wallet (accepts QTUM and PUT — soon BTC and ETH). Using PUT gives you a 30% discount for all transactions (buying and selling).

Step 3: Buy Digital Assets

Search for other users’ digital assets and purchase using the secure PMES cryptocurrency wallet. Buyers can buy rights or read access only. Leave reviews for sellers after a purchase transaction is complete to create a peer-to-peer credibility network.

Benefits of PMES:

Robin8’s PMES is the future of digital asset trading offering a much better solution because it is:

· is more secure,

· reduces fraud by the buyer or the seller,

· gives users a way to claim their data in an irrevocable ledger system (cannot be altered or edited),

· offers a way to sell informational products without relying on a centralized, third parties (Shutterstock for example or Dropbox),

· protects the asset from being used without permission (PMES grants access and rights via a password key), and

· gives the asset owner complete control: YOU own your data, YOU set the prices, YOU sell to whoever you want.

PMES Next Steps:

· Development — The development team is implementing a final round of changes that are needed to launch and go live next week. After we go live, continuous improvements will be made.

· PMES Closed Beta Test– Anyone who registers and submits feedback of PMES will have a chance to win a 50k PUT reward. Register here:

· Article Distribution — A thought leadership article by Robin8 Blockchain CTO was published (check out here), which will gain exposure for PMES.

· Press — A press release for PMES and the aforementioned article is ready to be sent to 2k top tech press here in the US.

· Facebook Ads — we will use targeted ads to reach specific user profiles.

· Viral Campaign — we will offer a giveaway item with “wow” factor — 50k PUT and ipad for example. For a chance to win, entrants must register for PMES, share on social, follow Robin8 on social media, and refer friends to sign up for PMES. More users, more PUT purchased!

#2 China App and KOL Search

A new reward event for the Robin8 China app has been launched with Hearst Media. This is geared towards rising KOLs in China and will be held in one of Shanghai’s biggest shopping malls December 7–10th. To win the KOL contest, KOLs needs to download the app and get the most app downloads (meaning they refer friends to the app; each friend that downloads will count as one vote). Hearst Media will be giving away 5,000 gift bags to shoppers/KOLs at the mall if they download the app.

In addition, we are launching China’s Got Talent: Top Rising KOL Contest where three KOLs with the most votes (meaning the most friends they refer to the app) will receive an award, photoshoot and party with China’s top KOLs.

We also have strong new initiatives and focus with the China KOL search engine — currently Robin8 profiles over 30 million profiles with a potential reach of 300 million. PUT is used in the China app.

We are adding a focus group in China and will replicate this for the Global app if desired results are achieved.

#3 Global Robin8 App

We have dozens of brands in the US signed up to be part of the Robin8 Gift Gala Giveaway.

We will add more users to the app as part of the entry process and the brands who signed up will receive a free campaign. The app will use PUT to pay users for link clicks they get from their shares.

#4 Robin8X

Robin8X Closed Beta will resume in the near future. is still open. Earn PUT for testing the exchange and submitting feedback.

Robin8X is temporarily down while we fix issues discovered earlier.

Part 2: Tech Update

Profile Management EcoSystem

· Implemented a request to add date and time when user posts a profile and it’s displaying at the web user interface. This allows user to see if this profile is new and evaluate its popularity for this period of time.

· Profiles were sorted by the ascent posting time in the “Profiles market” page, which means the newest profiles are seen first.

· Fee while posting/buying profile or withdrawal was provided for user. Users can predict how much money he will spend.

· Users can view the account settings including his public key and restore keystone file by a mnemonic device.

· An automatic deployment process was organized. This is necessary to optimize the work, ‌speed up deployment, and make PMES convenient for testing.

· Web user interface was created by design for the following pages: products, profiles market and invoice history. This will make PMES more user-friendly.
· Product content can be sold by ownership only. While information content could be sold by read-access and ownership. Therefore, product content can be used for selling items that should be unique such as activation keys, digital assets. And information content could be used for selling books, software, etc.

Screenshot of the page of the PMES user’s library — data and digital assets they put on the blockchain. From this page user can post a new profile: Information or Product.
Screenshot of the information input content screen. Prices are set in PUT.

· We added information so that user can check if their data was written to the blockchain. Now, content (Information and Product), offers to buy access/rights for the content and reviews for the content that was bought are written to the blockchain.

· The following information provided to the user for contents/offers/reviews:

1. Block number

2. Hash

3. Block’s link

· This proves that contents/offers/reviews are written to the blockchain (User can choose QTUM or Ethereum).

Screenshot of the user’s information profile after uploading to the blockchain. It contains such details as the block number and hash number.

· Web user interface was created for all PMES pages. This will make PMES more user-friendly.

Screenshot of the main page of the PMES — Sign In and Sign Up. This page will have design and changes in the next update when we launch PMES.
Screenshot of the PMES content market page that contains all PMES user content profiles like a marketplace. We are working on a search feature by category and/or keywords as well as the ability to upload a custom photo to represent your data/digital asset.

· Organized an automatic deployment process. This is necessary to optimize the work, ‌speed up deployment and make exchange convenient for testing.

· Robin8 management team tested PMES and we are currently implementing additional changes which we will reveal in the next bi-weekly update.

About Robin8

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Robin8 recently launched its Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) that allows any application to add their profile data on the blockchain.

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