Robin8 Presents its Proprietary Blockchain “Profile Utility Token (PUT)” at VC Meets ICO at Cointelegraph Asia Block Singapore 2017

December 2017, Singapore. Robin8 (, the leading influencer search engine and marketplace in China, presented on their new Profile Utility Token (PUT) at VC Meets ICO at Cointelegraph Asia Block Singapore 2017. The event was hosted by Iconic Partners and included blockchain luminaries like David Siemer and Brock Pierce.

Robin8 will launch its ICO for the Profile Utility Token (PUT) in December 2017. In creating PUT, Robin8 is aiming to help advertisers gain access to verified consumer data to create targeted strategies, while protecting the privacy of consumers. PUT is a decentralized profile exchange that connects consumers, marketers, and influencers together providing benefits and opportunities for all stakeholders. Unlike the existing data collection methods, Robin8 aims to shift current digital marketing standards by giving the consumers back their privacy and control of their personal data, while simultaneously monetizing it further by incentivizing them to share this data with advertisers. Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology introduces a method of verifying the data that advertisers receive. Through the Robin8 mobile application users can interact with influencers and advertisers while using PUT within the ecosystem.

Miranda Tan, Robin8 CEO, at Asia Block Singapore

Founded in 2005, Robin8 is a big data and AI based influencer marketing platform that is all about profiling, ranking and matching. Robin8 trains machines to profile, rank and match people with brands to achieve better advertising ROI. In addition, the company provides an automated system for tracking, transparency, third-party digital advertising verification, social media and e-commerce measurement, and data management. The platform is a full-scale service for businesses looking to the future of advertising, offering complete automation and scalability.

Currently, Robin8 has profiled over 30 million people in its influencer search engine, served over 250,000 users in the Robin8 app and marketplace, and has partnered with another app networks gaining access to over 9M users.

To increase its reach even further, Robin8 recently acquired the HK based influecner marketing platform Launchpilots was acquired by Robin8. The platform has over 25,000 influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, and WeChat and targeting millennials in China and Southeast Asia. With the acquisition of Launchpilots, Robin8 now offers brands even greater reach into China and South-East Asia, making them a powerful platform with access to 30 million influencers in China from 13 different social platforms including Weibo, Wechat, Youku, IQiyi, Bilibili, Red Book and Taobao, and a combined social reach of more than 1.18 billion. Robin8 provides brands with deep insights from public social data from multiple social platforms and offers performance based campaigns based on brand objectives and KPIs.

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About Robin8

Robin8 ( is China’s leading Influencer search engine and platform powered by big data and AI. The company has profiled over 30 million influencers and completed over 5000+ campaigns.