Robin8 Profile Utility Token Announces R8 Blockchain Studio and founding class of ICO projects as part of the Profile Management EcoSystem

The R8 Blockchain Studio is an international hub of blockchain startups powered by Robin8. It will partner with projects to provide mentorship, resources and support throughout the different stages of development. Robin8 is creating a Profile Management EcoSystem along with additional products and services to support the next generation of quality blockchain startups.

Today, Robin8 is announcing the first 5 projects (Primechain, Future Fund, Jarvis, Unnio and Angelvest Technologies) that will be channeled through Robin8's Blockchain Studio. In addition, Robin8 is excited to launch the Profile Management EcoSystem and share the code on GitHub in May. Any project can build on top of the Robin8 Profile Management EcoSystem via an API and provide users ownership of their profile data. Additionally, Robin8 will announce the R8 crypto exchange and blockchain mainnet OS in June 2018.

“By supporting and mentoring startups behind quality blockchain applications, Robin8 is seeding quality products into the profile management blockchain industry,” says Miranda Tan, CEO of Robin8. “Our goal is to build a Profile Management EcoSystem where we give the control of the data back to the owner.”

“Robin8 will power blockchain transactions through our blockchain stack including but not limited to our Exchange, Wallet and Smart contracts to provide a smooth user experience vis a vis smart contracts, liquidity through the exchange and security through the wallet,” says Hassan Miah, the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Robin8. “The Robin8 Profile Management EcoSystem cultivates the market demand of user control of their own data. In addition, the Studio supports highly-vetted and high-potential projects across the world all centered around blockchain profiles.”

Key benefits of the R8 Blockchain Studio for projects include:

. Increased exposure and networking opportunity with investors and community in the PUT ecosystem.

. Hands-on advisory to the full spectrum of business needs, including marketing, community building, legal and tokenomics.

. Marketing and PR strategic support for go-to-market launch and beyond

. Access to the profile management system on Blockchain

. Strategy, Design and Technical development services to power product(s) launch

As a platform that focuses on profiles, data trust and security where we return the profile data to the owner, Robin8 will be the financial back-end powering an array of industry-specific blockchain solutions on its Profile Management EcoSystem.

Robin8 plans to launch its R8 mainnet OS later in Q3. The Profile Management EcoSystem will connect to the blockchain via API. The goal is to provide all projects and verticals with the Robin8 Profile Management EcoSystem including the travel, gaming, financial, advertising and media industries. Robin8 will provide further details about these projects as well as its R8 mainnet OS infrastructure later in the Summer.

Robin8 Blockchain Studio

We are proud to announce the first 5 projects that will partner with Robin8’s Blockchain Studio.

Many are established companies with millions of current users that recognize the power of blockchain to transform their business and industry.


PrimeChain was founded to allow consumers to take control of their credit, make it easier to apply for credit securely and create a global lending marketplace for consumers to access. PrimeChain is an extension of LeadPoint, Inc., a profitable lead marketplace founded in 2005. Its founders also founded and sold Commission Junction, Impact Radius,, and

Website: m

2. Future Fund

Tokenized Crypto Fund launched by serial entrepreneur and fund manager, Vekrum Kaushik. His earlier crypto investment portfolio has already generated significant returns in 2017.

3. Jarvis

Jarvis is the world’s first video search engine from Youplus. The company was founded by Shaukat Shamim, an early member of the core Yahoo! team, where he led the creation of the iconic Yahoo! Messenger, one of the first and largest instant messenger platforms in the world. As a serial entrepreneur, he was the Founder and CEO of Buysight, which was later acquired by AOL, where he developed one of the first online data remarketing and real-time brand advertising platforms. Additionally, he founded Rhythm NewMedia, a mobile advertising company acquired by Blinkx in 2013.

4. Uunio

Uunio is a social media market platform based on Blockchain. It is aimed at a social media (SNS) compensation function as well as a platform where creators of contents creators can protect their intellectual property rights and sell easily also help various digital content ecosystems are oriented toward platforms that can enter DApp.

Website: /

5. AngelVest Technologies

AngelVest, the parent company of AngelVest Technologies, is an investment company with more than 70 successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and private investors. Members have investment experience in China and worldwide across a broad range of industries (TMT, medical / biotechnology, clean technology, real estate, consumer goods, manufacturing, legal, financial services, etc.) and have in-depth expertise across various industries.

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