Relaxing holidays are made from hectic planning

The life cycle of planning a trip

Since starting HAMBA now, I have had my fair share of hurdles from various aspects.

One of the main restrictions to travel is finances, planning the finances out to be able to make it. To be honest, I always end up having to make many cost cutting measures and crowdfund with family to make sure I get to my destination.

Budgeting daily and being very stingey makes me prepare better for upcoming trips and having a buffer. Unexpected costs, ALWAYS pop up.

It was quite a scare when I found that they are restrictions on amount of cash I can fly with in Harare, and that using my “international” VISA card was banned when I arrived in Zanzibar. Worse still I cannot spend about 100 dollars online using my VISA card, meaning flight ticketing becomes a hindrance.

This is after currency issues in Zimbabwe, as token money was introduced to trade with internally but never to go outside the country. Unfortunately our local airline does not travel around the world as much as others.

Saving by eating baobab and not plaiting my hair so much

The second hurdle is immigration regulations, I intend on visiting Nigeria some time to visit my friend, Oris. But then getting a VISA (both visa types causing problems) said NO, simple reason was because of my main job, they labelled me a journalist, regardless will apply for it again.

I think it is time I embarked on the business full time, heart and soul into making the dream work.

So while many people plan on a great weekend out on the town, I think, well how am I going to travel in this situation.

Later on this month I will be doing Mozambique and Swaziland to AZGO festival and MTN Bushfire festival! Somehow at the end while I am yet to visit Lagos, I know another trip is due.

Creatives are the most fun crowd to be around

More memories and friends to be made! HAMBA Let’s GO!