Why You Should Give Up On “The Pursuit Of Happiness”… And Go After This Instead
Andy Drish

Now we’re talking, Andy. Great read! As a long-suffering, serial ‘Trep, I’ve experienced the rollercoaster and the lows can stretch on for months even years in my case. Most people would have given up but I persevered. It took a toll on my self-esteem and when family shit erupted, my health took a dive. When you work hard 24/7 and continuously get doors slammed in your face, it’s a downer. Especially when you have a solid product that you know is valuable: That’s a killer! It did take a little bit of success to pull me out of a tail spin enough to congratulate myself and the team for working through the dark times. And looking back, I can see where your philosophy was in the back of my mind and it helped. Now I try to stay focused in the moment. Restrict my thoughts of the past and even the hope of the future and just feel the moment.

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