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When I first got on fb in 2008, I, in essence “told” face book via a community page that I made, that I didn’t like being labeled “a fan”. I wrote about it in the notes section or somewhere explaining that I may *like* something but that does not necessarily mean that I am a “fan” of it. It sure didn’t take long, only about 2 wks and fb had flipped everything from FAN to LIKE. So I know they took my idea and ran with it. And that’s what you get for trying to help people with your creative mind. But, you know, if I had to worry about rvryone stealing my ideas, I would be psychlogiacally putting a goverener on myself which I think would hamper my creativity. So I just imporve thing I am involved with without worrying about it. I know I did it. They know I gave them that huge fundamental seachange for their business and if someday I get something back, that would be fine. I’m not going to whip out a screen shot of the page complete with dates showing how I wrote about the idea when the platform was at the “Fan me” on face book stage. I simply don’t have the energy or money to go to court to fight them of the privacy waiver we all signed.

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