Flux of imagination for realization- The Robin Trehan principles

RT principles does not believe in management theories, we test them, we break them and we believe in creating new theories by inspiring, motivating, and influencing, brain storming and creating unknown answers for unknown questions. We believe in creating in a whirlpool and deriving new-fangled ideas from them. RT treats every condition as if it was inimitable and never resorts to formula, modus operandi, recipes or other people’s blueprint. We call it RT at work.

RT principles works on the concept of losing and winning in competition. The component to value is that; winning and losing is just a perception, which is shift from one perception to a different. A bona fide winner derives a win from loss. RT mechanism is putting us in diverse shoes. We want to enjoy the win and we want to win only by hard work, persistence, endurance and lots of sweat. When we win, we also try to recognize other side pain of losing. As we said winning and losing is a perception and we like to take win from even loss.

RT principles apparatus works when we are smart, curious and hungry and have the mettle to go out into the world and make own claim. RT breaks the old system and established a new one. We can SCHMBE syndrome (Smart, Curious, Hungry, Mettle, Breaking, and Establishing)

RT works the best when knowledge is optimized not neutralized. When change is made a part of the process and flows in the system. We call it K&C process at work, i.e. knowledge brining in change; un-cementing the process.

RT works the finest when we know our challengers the best and evaluate their strengths and weakness. We call it Refer process. Once we refer to our competitors we do not attack their strength. We just do not play in the same field; we change the game and make them come to play in our field where we have a core and competitive competence. We call it operation process and when our challengers are in our field we pound them. We call it Toss. So, AROT (Analysis, Refer, Operation, and Toss) works best under RT management theories.

We call it Robin Trehan Principles; you should have a better one. Let’s rewrite the art, science, philosophy, psychology and anthropology of management or whatever you may call it. We call it a flux of imagination for realization. Let the process continue…

Robin Trehan

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