Great were the days when we were small,
 We had the toys but were still crying for the ball. 
We wanted everything we saw whether it be a toffee or the Moon, 
And later were happy with a plate and a spoon. 
With the plate and the spoon we played the ding-dong bell, 
And for others it was just what a hell. 
Whatever we did our intention was strong, 
Without thinking whether its right or wrong. 
We demanded everything without any fear, 
And when not fulfilled our eyes were filled with tears.
 My father was always busy with his file, 
But was filled with joy whenever I would smile. 
Sometimes I wonder if again I can become a child, 
So that I can be free from the botherations of the world which seems to be wild. 
Our parents fulfilled our needs in any ways 
Lucky are those who remember their childhood days. 
I still remember everybody used to call me as ROBIN HOOD,
 Grateful I am to remember the days known as CHILDHOOD.
 copyright @ ROBIN AGARWAL