Knowing & Understanding Your “Why

Recently, I made the decision to transition from wellness enthusiast to wellness coach. My wellness journey has evolved over time. I would have benefited greatly along the way from having a coach — someone to help me through challenges and to share in my small wins and major victories.

Through the process of losing over thirty pounds, twice, I have learned that healthy living is a lifestyle choice — not a quick fix solution. I’m now ready to take my knowledge and my passion to help others along their journey. This is why I became a Wellness Coach.

Becoming a coach of any kind is a major, life-changing event. When embarking on such a major change, I think we can all agree that you need something to ground you in the process. There are several different ways to approach this essential component of change.

Dealing with Change

Some circles simply focus on an awareness of self. These are geared towards getting in tune with your body and being present. Others preach the importance of focus. A relentless focus on your goal will always produce the desired outcome.

I subscribe to the healing powers of mindfulness; focus is my middle name. While these things definitely help you along the journey, they do not express your journey. What roots your passion, enthusiasm, and purpose is knowing and understanding your “Why.”

Your “Why” should be your rock. It should be built to endure every reason and season. It’s what motivates you today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. This is known as your “True Why.” Uncovering your “True Why” is like peeling back the layers of an onion. The core is where you’ll find the truth.

There are three steps to discovering your “True Why.”

Step 1: Then What

After you’ve achieved financial freedom, after you’ve provided for your family, then what? What’s next? What keeps you going? What pushes you to be better than you were yesterday? Answering this question is peeling the first layer of the onion.

For me, this is exploring my travel bucket list. After my third or fourth trip however, I’ll need something to ground me. Something that motivates me to keep going on my journey. Something that’s personal.

Step 2: Make It Personal

What is my daily focus at this stage of my journey? What will I want to accomplish, and what will motivate me to get there? Spending the first half of my life constantly exhausted and stressed is not how I plan to spend the second half.

My plan is for freedom over my time, energy, and life: freedom to do the things I want, when I want, and how I want. This is a “True Why,” built to endure mother time.

Step 3: Be Specific

Everyone wants freedom. What does freedom really mean? It’s being open to spur-of-the-moment yoga retreats in Costa Rica. It’s making my nieces real estate investors before they’re 25. It’s experiencing the joy my parents will feel when we attend mass with Pope Francis.

The ability to vividly express your why is how you allow others to connect with you and with your purpose. Your “True Why” is the emotional representation of your journey.

Take A Leap of Faith

Change is difficult. It forces us to step outside our comfort zone. When you decide to take the giant leap of faith, make sure your “True Why” is strong enough to catch and propel you into the life of your dreams.

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Robin A. Henderson is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Optimal Living, a lifestyle company helping people chart a unique path to a happy, healthy, optimal life. You can find her on Twitter @rahenderson and LinkedIn @robinahenderson.

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