TL;DR I’ve created a basic website for fun; It contains lists of podcasts and radio stations (mostly Dutch). Built with Eleventy, updated using Cloudflare Workers and generated and hosted via Netlify. I just want to share a little bit about the process, as this was quite new to me. So get ready for the long story… 😀 Or scroll down for the list of used resources/inspiration.

Why and what

I really wanted to do something with Eleventy, the static site generator from Zach Leatherman. Eleventy is becoming quite popular, and is used by sites like and V8 docs. …

On mobile.

I always try to use/install web apps on my phone if possible. But as a user, this is mostly a weird experience. Even if you’ve added a web app to your home screen, there always seems to be this need to push users to a native app…

Keep in mind that these examples are actually some of the best mainstream mobile web apps…

Almost on every main view or action you’ll get a call to action to install a native app. And now even Twitter added the “banner of shame” (©️ Dan Abramov) to the mobile web app? Why? 🙁

Shouldn’t this be the other way around? Because if a web app experience is rock…

This story is a follow up of Creating a web app as side project

My little side-project web app is still running, and it’s fun to see a small number of people using it around the world.

But at work we don’t use 1tuner anymore unfortunately 😥. We have Sonos speakers now, so the radio playlist was no longer needed.

New “problems”

Of course, me myself & I was still using 1tuner to listen to the radio when biking to the office. But now and then I wanted to listen to podcasts. So this was a new problem to work on! 🤓

Also, I wasn’t happy with the app logo and icon, and felt the…

This is just an update on what I’ve learned while I was trying to get my little web app published as a regular app (see my previous story Creating a web app as side project).

I think the main reason why you would want to do this is discoverability. When I talk about a PWA to “normal” people 😜, first thing they want to do is look it up at the Play/App store. When I say “just go to and add to home screen”, I see question marks in their eyes 😕.

Google Play Store

So just show the website in…

About the process of building my personal little side project 📻

1Tuner is a progressive web app that you can use to listen to online radio. And it allows you to plan your own ideal radio listening day, so the player switches between radio streams automatically.
The app is pretty basic, but it changed while I was learning during development of it. In this article I will try to describe the process and decisions.

The “problem”

At the office, we always listened to good-old radio. For years, we tuned our browser to the audio stream of the Dutch public radio channel 3FM. We heard nice pop/rock tunes, some fine jocks and a good…

Robin Bakker

Web developer

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