Employ 3 D body Scanners for Comprehensive Measurement of Apparels

Evolution of 3D scanning technology has brought a drastic change in measurement methods adopted in fashion and apparel industry. Earlier, retail clothing outlet depended upon the measurements taken by skilled and trained personnel. But, for designing fitting apparels and clothing, comprehensive measurement is needed. 3 D scanning devices provide accurate and precise measurements of human body. 3 D scanners are based on laser technology to generate a 3 D measurement of bodily dimension. Online shopping industry selling clothing and garments suffer great loss because of return or replacement of loose fitting clothes by customers. Employing point to point measurement techniques online can greatly help in development online clothing industry.

Through 3 D scanners an exact virtual 3 D avatar of a person can be created and stored on online portals. Through such system one can try numerous garments simply sitting on bed. This enables customers to purchase numerous garments suitable to their body shape without any hassle. Along with 3D Body visualizer , pattern making softwares also play a prominent role in apparel industry as well. With the invention of these softwares, simulating patterns and designing clothes have become quite simple and advanced. Moreover, fitness industry is also increasingly employing 3 D body scanners for determining the exact body volume and fat.

There are some reputed companies that offer excellent 3 D body scanners. [TC]2 is an exemplary manufacturer that excels in providing superior 3 D body scanners for 3 D measurement and visualization. These scanning system provided by [TC]2 are used in leading hospitals and fitness institutions for comprehensive measurements of body. Moreover, the Computer Aided Softwares and scanners offered by this renowned company are used in more than 150 brands all over the world. Leading fashion designers provide styling advice based upon these virtual scanners and softwares.

[TC]2 is one of the leading names in the field of 3 D measurement and 3 D visualization. With the aid of remarkable CAD tools and softwares one can create impressive product catalogues and presentations that can be used in marketing of your brand. Moreover, using ImageTwin technology shopping through online stores has become more reliable. These splendid scanning system and softwares are the integral part of leading fitness and fashion industry as well as medical sector.

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