In the United States alone, there are more than 2 million farms which individually produce, on average, enough food to feed 166 people around the world each year . As the global population continues to grow, farmers are working to increase their yield in order to meet the increasing demand for their products. To achieve this goal, farmers are working to increase their usage of technology to not only produce more food but also to ensure their farmland, produce, and livestock are in top shape.

Precision Farming

Put simply, precision farming refers to the practice of integrating technology to promote…

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have experienced unprecedented disruption in nearly every aspect of our lives. Everyday life has changed significantly in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect one another. When it comes to fitness, training methods have shifted to a more independent, home-bound model, and popular competitions including races have been postponed.

However, as the pandemic persists, some race organizers have begun to adopt digital strategies to encourage participation without requiring individuals to directly engage with other runners. …

The physical restrictions put in place to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic left patients and healthcare providers alike struggling to navigate the “new normal.” Fortunately, the digital technology available has made the rapid transition to tele-health easier. From video chats with physicians to therapy and meditation apps , healthcare is, in some ways, more accessible than ever before.

As we acknowledge World Mental Health Day on October 10, we can look ahead to what the future holds for digital mental health solutions and their prospects for the future beyond the pandemic.


Telehealth has shown itself to be…

In the dynamic healthcare ecosystem, many life sciences organizations are undergoing transformation to the commercial model by incorporating digital and data analytics capabilities. In my experience, an agile culture must be present in order to fully realize the benefit of the new capabilities.

Key Tenets of the Agile Culture

In addition to a relentless focus on the customer, key tenets of an agile culture include cross functional teaming, “test and learn” experimentation, and servant leadership. There are other characteristics that play into success, but these three will create a solid foundation.

Cross Functional Teaming

In life sciences, traditional marketing teams…

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the fitness industry, resulting in the temporary closure of in-person facilities and restrictions on direct services such as personal training. However, the need for physical fitness and health have not diminished in tandem with such declines in popularity in usage. Instead, the demand for innovative fitness tools, tactics, and approaches has only increased over time, demonstrating the human desire for engagement and wellness, especially in the wake of an unprecedented global crisis.

Digital Transformation and the Return of Home Videos

While the form has certainly changed over the past several decades, the at-home workout is…

While much of the medical world has been understandably focused on facing the ongoing pandemic, there are other areas that naturally require attention, too. In light of the pandemic, many new technological developments have been made and implemented that not only improve healthcare when it comes to telehealth and the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, but also change other key areas of health. One such area is that of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care, which has been impacted by the pandemic in major ways.

Diagnostic Delays

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one notable impact of the coronavirus on cancer…

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented global situation that has uprooted many staples of modern life. Because the global circumstances are uncertain and uniquely challenging, many individuals have found it difficult to cope with the “new normal.” In an effort to combat the rising stress and ongoing unease associated with the pandemic, some people have found meditation apps to be a blessing as they seek serenity, peace, and stability.


Since the middle of March, downloads of the Headspace app have doubled, stemming from the increased demand for relaxation, stress relief, and community. Over the course of…

Wearable technology, namely fitness trackers, have experienced a surge of popularity in recent years. With continual advancements and improvements to their functionality, athletes can stand to benefit immensely from the data that is gathered and compiled by such pieces of technology. However, individuals may not know what to make of the information available to them. For runners, knowing what information is collected, where to access it, and what to make of it can help improve their methods and overall performance.

Trackable Metrics

Various apps and devices are capable of monitoring and documenting a number of different metrics. Some of the…

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular because of the numerous benefits the devices and connected apps offer. From tracking your behavior patterns to offering insights about aspects like sleep and heart health, wearable technology can collect and display data that makes it easier for individuals to enact meaningful changes in their lives.

Among some of the most popular pieces of technology is the Oura ring. With its lightweight, innovative design, the ring can collect data on a constant basis; after one charging session lasting just one hour, the ring can function for up to 7 consecutive days. It is designed…

Today, June 9 is host to World Empathy Day; on this day, the promotion of empathetic practices and attitudes is encouraged, and because empathy is a skill that can be taught, days like this that highlight the importance of learning how to be more empathetic hold significant value.

In the healthcare industry, empathy is needed now more than ever. As technology continues to advance with the development of telehealth and artificial intelligence, medical professionals must utilize the data at their fingertips and actively practice empathy when engaging with their patients.

Heightening Digital Empathy in Professionals

Traditionally, empathy is considered to…

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