An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

You sniveling little Millenial BRAT! Welcome to THE REAL WORLD! Life is hard; life is harder coming out of college with student debts. You have to pay your dues. Your company doesn’t owe you ANYTHING! Do you hear that, BRAT?! THEY OWE YOU NOTHING! Plenty of people take second jobs to afford their bills. Plenty of people eat ramen noodles because they can’t afford groceries. LIVE WITH IT! Or maybe the rest of society shall bow down and kiss your royal highness ass because you clearly are better than everyone else. Have you tried getting a roommate? Do you know how many people have roommates for YEARS after college because they realize that is how they can make things work? GROW UP! Your little temper tantrum of a rant deserved the outcome of being FIRED. Let this be a lesson to all the other sniveling Millenial BRATS out there …

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