Coffee Boils up Pregnancy

Coffee and Pregnancy” not a good mix our men of Mastery

Mr. mystical Michael, I got taken with his pour of drips. For the love of my husband hub of high-tech “Wealth Management, that’s what he does. That girl named Beryl what a Merrill Lynch how he was just pinching every dime flipping heads maybe he should have been flipping Las Vegas Homes. He was hooked on mermaid nymph tails.In the Holy waters how he’s the swimmer and she is full of New Coffee that makes you slimmer. But the ladies that were pregnant loved to drink coffee but Doctors orders no caffeine she was trying o make a formula that was Healthy to pregnancy everyone wanted to copy her plans flying to the Orient with the Geisha ladies they would use their hand technique with their fan.

When I looked into his emails he didn’t know what a lucrative business of selling Coffee and something deep like a pacifier to keep his business very private selling Babies.He should have been dealing with the right people making Wall Street stock deals. And what do I do making people look their best what doll face and I am pulling every fifty shades of gray hair out of my head on the edge of success Why am I always feeling at my worst..Her name was Kit and said we had a deal.This is not as easy as getting you a cup of coffee and I cannot have even a sip because of my pregnancy.

How you promised to give me my last cup of coffee. Maybe you didn’t care about my pregnancy. How the wolf caffeine changes faces don’t mix well with being in labor prenatal stress who cares such bad politics games…You’re a very dangerous man into how many thousands’ got in my way I was taken on the cusp end of my life.She made a derisive moan sound. How he was in the Galley kitchen the coffee machine came loud bang what a grind of the teeth how everyone wants the teeth white but their moods are half and the half. Eventually, Like three men and a baby without a wife, at last, the wife got her three men.

She didn’t need to put up with someone else’s baby. How much better does this get she’s walking with her mocha polka dot dress.They were both at their boiling three bear points..All this over one cup of Chock full of hyped up nuts coffee. How your life could be the end name of rumors you made it Hey, I didn’t mean to use her that much she couldn’t handle it to take it. I didn’t mean to give her all that cash for her mom’s illness.I kept giving into her giving her money. Feeling sorry for a friend I thought she was a friend.

Hearing the song “You’ve got coffee friend” did she deserve what was coming to Desiree.So jaded she wore her rings so many James meeting College girls to procreate.Everything became so experimental how did one pregnancy test could light him up infatuation.She was young like a ripe tray.The Coffee and for the love of God I only want that new flavor coffee for my pregnancy. Nothing to elaborate more communication things don’t always have to be designer fancy. Just meet me halfway I just need more cream.

“I’m not asking for money, am I” I only ask for a cup of the new coffee but you seem to busy with everyone else but me.Hearing that song don’t fall under the I Apple tree with anyone else but him.Don’t do a Janice Joplin baby not maybe on me.Those lies are always acknowledged and people why do they believe.So preferably over the whole honor truth. Why does assassination become the big comedy like the Rising Star? My husband couldn’t even pass the bar exam why didn’t I marry a Jewish dentist.

How her X husbands coffee spilled.He remembered how she helped a friend with money fifty shades of thousands he just felt they were going to kill her for everything she got.

She is still holding the pregnancy test.Thinking of going to the yoga class.He always had big reasons just to ignore it and pass.

So what do you mean about before?

Well, you did this all to yourself.

“Why are you doing this to me?

She took a step toward me do you believe this I fell right into a trap, I became “Snap Dragon” maybe I should have been drinking my chamomile tea soothing relaxation of my serenity going to see a Monk.My pregnancy felt alive with the sound of men and revenge. She peered at me with her intense Elizabeth so tailored eyes.

Doing a neigh blue velvet on me.

I felt she was the scientist every grain of coffee like I was her lick of the specimen.

Oh! Men the “Holy One” no time for my lovers sip of coffee.My pregnancy the whole nine yards what roots of a lover’s tree. Straight shot to my healthy Pregnancy did I need a strong cup of coffee.I looked around my living room seeing my big stomach weighing me down when we first stumbled upon this hoarder hell place. Did I need the exercise to clean up this mess? But he raised his eyebrow and I tried to pull in my stomach what was coming out I tried to tell myself maybe I should walk away.

Oh! please not to be so sentimental. Our marriage_safety what is more important to all of us a good book healthy pregnancy or your nonstop addiction to Coffee.

Then on the day, I was really frightened my best friend died and I would be caught up in this murder I drank more coffee waking up to many thoughts thinking.How I pored over baby websites.All these ovulation sticks and pregnancy test but I was so happy finally relieved that I was pregnant.

Now my life dealing with attorney and blackmail getting all baby blue eyed with emails But got so caught up in money payments like the baby carriage mob of bibs. I’m trying to be the office lady protesting about women’s lib.But still thinking of my friends if I was going to be charged with murder.Then I hear the door please open up this is the Arizona police like snake eyes department. I felt one of my hands being secured and gripped.I am pregnant I need to bring all my things you should understand prenatal care.What a primitive reaction.The clerk made us sign a sheet too bad I couldn’t sing my last song of a music sheet. I know he was working on a formula for women that were pregnant to drink Stock of money crying Wolf caffeine.

Then I realized my husband was arrested too.Well, let’s go one of the guards wants to see you Oh! Baby in the interrogation room. I felt like a witch my paint was still on my face.The detective what super bowl balls to smile so politely. Seeing those other women in the cell all I wanted was a good safe cup of brew not a cup of big guiltily hey Joe what are you doing with the gun and coffee in your hand spent most of my days thinking what it would have been giving birth in a cell.

But looking out I could see the detective eating dunk me in the cell donuts and the smell of his coffee swarming at me like a huntress bee. But I thank God for my good specializing in criminal defense I won the case. I didn’t even care about anyone else but my baby. Like they say no one’s actions affect them alone. I know that’s the truth we all work together or we are supposed to be producing an egg or is the plane going tipsy more caffeine got you boiling. How this impacts all of us and changes everything. How we remain in life feeling like nothing becomes something that our lives revolve around everything. What would we do without Coffee I will survive.

The Coffee Hub our Heaven he boils up to me

I thank god I am pregnant. New cure is “Coffee” its healthier than ever for Pregnancy