Lips Stall I God Call Poem

His cool impersonal style

Her blush to her cheeks her eyes down

She stalls a slight smile…

How he told her you’re perfectly safe here.

Without a grin or a wicked stare.

Like calibers game of doing or dare.

How things can stumble and stall us.

Her lips started to stall his eyes were having a ball.

Who had the upper hand fighting for something.

United we stand.

Masquerading so mystical lover he took a fall. Oh! God.

Do we need to look deeper what’s said between us?

Why is everything fast paced. in such a rush?

She’s sending out “SOS.”

Like a mulberry bush.

Love more useful to be careful.

Something you feel so remorseful.

Spiritual connection rules of principal.

Too much fighting rivalry.

Going to war men and women of the Calvary.

So high and mighty my cheek’s look ghostly.

Dark Star grave lips meet him lift up divinely.

How did my life become so costly?

The Japanese gardens of topiary.

he’s watching me, put on a party face blush.

When I read my diary school, girl crush.

He’s poker face with the bad flush of cards.

Now his lips stall my time to have a ball.

I’m the Goddess of the ball I God the rings.

It was worth the wait, how we stall I got the best part.

All the money in the world won’t stop my running heart.

God gave me strength Einstein equation of math.

New Lips gravity S for Sexuality.

Speaks the truth my mouth. They were both sisters by birth?