Rosetta So Wet-a

Rosetta her cheeks looked divine wet-ta

We’re walking through magnetic fields.

We approach the stop sign yield.

How lovely someone’s name “WC Field”

Bondman what a con man.

Going West “May I May West” I’m a fan.

What names do we like the best?

Rosetta she keeps smiles and

gets wet-a his eyes tell her

he’s in the sunset to get her

Someone to bond “At-Last”

The different era desperate housewife.

One is Rosetta meets one of her friends

Violet-ta what drama Ra Ra ta

Frank Sinatra says well that’s life.

Holding two names eyes of a magnet

in one hand.Powerful love garnet

God’s name expressed love command

So sacred in a new land.

Rosetta please get your friend.

He addresses her like a poinsettia.

Garlands Of Judy extend.

The poinsettia his finger points

until Emma visits hum?What is she up too?

She is quite the dilemma give her the evil eye.

The violin sounds Heather lilac meets Violet-ta.

Beatles play with “Sweet Loretta.”

Sipping Camilla Cafe I want to hold your hand.

She marries her best man best-spilled the margarita.

How’s Rebecca organically has grown to Omega?

Movie star suspenseful Marx Garbo so Groucho.

What a pain Mr. Panetta eating his words mucho.

Shark -fin soup Chinese delicacy.

He bite’s the bruschetta his ballot Presidency.

How he expressed A secret Emma the Emmy

Got caught in a big Dilemma with Remy

The wrong Vixen of a vendetta

Smell the coffee wake up you betta or else?

That computer mouse true or false.

Billy Joel stranger met his counterfeiter

Going Uptown girl sings on his piano expressed A

comment to kiss her. But you’re a stranger?

Rumors with leaks of plumber’s Raven birds.

Don’t flood my words.

A perfect rose how he gave it to Rosetta.

We need more names what about Tatiana.

I saw her dancing at the “Copacabana Wella.”

A-Men that’s how I met Rosetta.