The frontend app.onSuccess
nik scott

Hi Nik,

Sorrry for late response, I had to sleep and to work :(

As said in text this is just for creating REST API, so yes, this component will open popup where user can allow our application to access data. If user allow our application to access data of user, popup will be redirected, to callback URL. It isn’t important where we are redirected, because in URL there will be access data that we will parsed. The parsing itself is not done in popup but in main page. We will parse that access data and send that data to backend so that server can do authentication. It is nice if callback can be to our client application, it looks nice. So that URL doesn’t need to have port, and client and server can be on same host.

About second issue, that is new to me. I will test that tonight to see if I can reproduce theissue. Thank you for your feedback.

About onSuccess function — that is very unusual. I had never issue with that in example that I had provided. Could you supply me with example where the problem can be reproduced?

Hope that this will help you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.