Why is Music More Popular than Art?

Here’s an honest question:

Why, generally speaking, is there more interest and engagement in music than there is in fine arts? If you ask your average teenager, or even 45 year old, what their favorite music is, they’ll be quick to tell you what genres, bands, musicians they love…perhaps they’ll even give you a deeper explanation on the why. However, if you ask the same person who their favorite artist is, there might be a longer moment of silence and uncertainty.

It made sense in the past. We engaged and consumed music and art completely differently. Music, like today, was everywhere, and easily accessed. All you had to do was turn on your radio, or your TV, or step outside. To view art required more of an investment. You really only had two main options: visit your closest museum or gallery.

However today, the distribution and consumption of art becomes closer and closer to that of music. Obviously most fine art isn’t digital, meaning copyable. You only have one original. However, the significance, the aesthetic or the impact of that original can quickly be communicated globally with the click of a button.

Both art and music have the ability to reflect and manifest the political, social, and the cultural happenings of our time. So, when there is so much stuff to be said, and so many people who want to listen, why is the general attention still feel unbalanced?

Is art just playing catch up?

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