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Why You Should Help People You Don’t Even Know

Kindness isn’t some sort of measurement. It’s not something that gets tallied, or at least, I hope it doesn’t. We don’t take notes on our kindness unless it’s to be proud of ourselves to be able to open our hearts so wide.

Kindness is a gift. It’s given without a return address. It is truly a giving and selfless act.

Something that is oft forgotten.

We feel like we need to give something in order to get something.

How many times did your parents tell you… if you (insert chore), you will get (insert reward).

So we often see doing the dishes for your husband with the need to feel rewarded after, when the award in itself…is IN the giving.

That is why people say giving is one of the most selfish AND selfless things you can do.

I feel amazing when I hold doors open for people. I love giving my change to those kids hustling chocolate almonds outside of the grocery store. Why? Because the reward is in knowing that you’re a kind person.

That you do things for people without even wanting anything back in return.

This leads to you being more confident. It leads to you being more proud of who you are. You can walk around the streets with your head and chin up because why? You are less anxious or worried about what people may think of you, because you know how big your heart is.

You then become kind to everyone you meet. You have no purpose. No agenda. Just smiles and good vibes.

That in turn, makes you happy. Makes you feel accomplished. Makes you feel nourished inside and out. Spiritually and physically.

It also makes you more like-able. People will swarm you and want to give you the joy that you radiate back. It’s a chain reaction.

So this is why, you need to be kind to people you don’t even know. And the rest will take care of you.

Stay motivated.

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