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Random thought about life from a design student

Someday I was walking in the street, coming back from some shop and repeating in my head the few words I just told to the shopkeeper.

You all know what I’m talking about : the kind of “Should I have said this or not said that to look nicer ?” self conversation.

Then it came to my mind. What if this other person had the same thoughts ?
Of course he or she has !

Thinking too individual

But we are so used to our own point of view that it never comes to us that other people have theirs.

I do not mean we are selfish — even if it’s sometimes true — but it is hard to imagine yourself as the person you have in front of you. Being empathic can help but not everytime.

So people do not react the same as you. They do not have the same opinion nor the same logic as you. But they are still humans like you and some things never change in human relationships. Marks of kindness.

Why feeling grumpy ?

Allright I admit it. You can’t just be kind to everyone especially the ones who are making long faces. That is not realistic.

But imagine for a second being in the queue in a supermarket. Loads of people waiting for their turn. Annoying beeps everywhere. And this woman (no sexism intended) with that hard face scanning your items.

Why on earth would you ever be nice to her ? She doesn’t look friendly right ?

Now imagine yourself being her. Repeating the same movements all the day. Seeing long faces like yours all the day.

Do you understand what I mean now ?

Smile to people

Try to be more empathic, to understand other people. If everyone is sulking everyone because everyone is sulking we do have a big problem.

Be the one who says “hello” or “thank you” with a smile. Nothing more, nothing less. And you will see that everybody will answer you with a smile and will smile to the next person they encounter.

There are only few feelings better than the one that knowing you have brighten the day of someone else. And to come back to a more selfish way of thinking, this feeling will also brighten your own day. What are you waiting for ?

Thank you for reading this and making the world a better place to live on :)

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