To Close the Gender Gap, We Have to Close the Data Gap
Melinda Gates

I am one of the “missing millions”, millions of us are bed bound/housebound due to the disease ME/CFS. This neuroimmune diease is much 3-4 times more prevalent in woman, than men. It destroys the lives of more than 17 million people, worldwide .

It is under funded and under researched, and until recently labelled by psychiatrists, as “not real”, when an outbreak occured at the London Free Hospital, the nurses affected were labelled as having hysteria. It is a bunch of strong woman — Dr. Lucinda Bateman, Dr. Suzanne Vernon, Dr. Nancy Klimas, Staci Stevens, Prof. Sonya Marshall-Gradnisk who are leading helping bring awareness to this disease BUT millions of research dollars are missing.

NIH funding commensurate with the disease burden is estimated to be 250 million per year. The CDC and NIH, say that they are taking the disease seriously and are providing 5 million.

6 times as much money is spent by the NIH on male pattern baldness.

What does it take, to have diseases that largely affect woman, treated equitably?

What does it take, to have gender equity in disease research?

What does it take to have a disease that kills slowly, incapacitating millions of woman, often for decades researched?

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