This weeks: Forever Beta Inventory

A recap of essential, evolutionary and extraordinary things from the worlds of brands, technology & culture this week.


Adidas is looking to make content, not advertisements ///here

VR and the human experience ///here

Scientific proof for the old adage: Dress well, test well ///here

How Instagram is driving decisions at fashion brands ///here

The precarious state of logo design today ///here

Oculus adds new social features ///here

James Jebbia on Supreme’s considered expansion ///here


A look at the interplay between creativity and innovation ///here

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Hummel designed kits with a built in Hijab ///here


An Interactive look at 25 songs that demonstrate the direction of music ///here

About Forever Beta

Forever Beta is a strategic, award-winning, ever-changing, integrated creative + innovation company. Forever in a state of beta. Delivering fast, collaborative and effective communications. We help brands with the immediate needs of today, while strategically planning for the opportunities of tomorrow. Its innovation division helps startups and young companies scale and helps brands make and work in new ways with innovation.

Let’s create what’s next.


What we do

Brand strategy & comms planning, advertising & marketing, Retail strategy & development, Brand development, Creative concept development, Social media and content creation, Internal comms, Culture & employee engagement, Direct response and global DM, Technology and Innovation, Business transformation, Design studio.

How we work

We work to a 70/20/10 format on the principles of the 3 Es.

The essential (70%) Ideas that are essential to successfully answering the brief.

The evolutionary (20%) Ideas that indirectly answer the brief, but further drive success.

The extraordinary (10%) Ideas that go beyond the brief to imagine what the future of the business will be. Anything goes — from comms, to product, to business models.

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