Thank you for that helpful guide which I will recommend to my students.
Thomas Pleil

Thomas, I do think that motivation is a very important factor to do or achieve anything but, in the case of curation, the curator himself is by definition a subject-matter expert and a passionate (and therefore motivated about helping others making more sense of it) scholar of the topic at hand.

Re: “For example, in many cases it wouldn’t make sense to cover an industry with curation completely but only some emerging topics, depending on your objectives or on gaps in reporting.

Absolutely. I myself do not curate everything about curation, as most of what is written these days on the topic is super-shallow and worthless advice from so-called content marketers. I steer always very clear from that.

In the end, I think the curator should be actively listening to the actual needs and wants of the specific audience he wants to serve while utilizing his experience and judgment to evaluate and choose what to curate.

What do you think?

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