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Fighting Poverty Isn’t A Sprint: Team Robin Hood at the NYC Marathon

Robin Hood
Nov 8, 2016 · 2 min read

On Sunday, tens of thousands of runners from nearly 200 countries took to the streets of New York for the world’s most popular marathon. Among them, nearly 100 were running for something even greater — New Yorkers in need.

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Naureen Malik

Robin Hood had a team of 100 runners who trained for months and ran the 26.2 miles to raise money. To date, Race for Robin Hood has raised over $6 million dollars with 100 percent of every dollar raised going to our relentless fight against poverty.

Meet four members of Team Robin Hood:

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Ashlee Vargas

Naureen Malik, an energy reporter for Bloomberg News and 10-time Team Robin Hood member. “I thought running a marathon would be a once-in-a-lifetime event to cross off my bucket list. But Robin Hood has turned grueling months of training into a normal state of affairs year after year.”

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Matt Greenberg

Ashlee Vargas, a junior at CUNY studying advertising and public relations and former Robin Hood intern. “I appreciate all the love and support, help us fight poverty like a true New Yorker!”

Matt Greenberg, a kindergarten teacher at the KIPP Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School. This was his first marathon.

Yael Hawkins, a special education teacher at KIPP, a Robin Hood-funded network of public charter schools, laced up her running shoes for what was her very first marathon.

On race day, Robin Hood staff, family, and friends cheered on these real-life heroes at Mile 20 in the Bronx.

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