Climate Control NOT Climate Change

Climate change is now accepted by politicians and scientists alike. Man is causing the earth’s climate to change. It’s clear man needs to work hard to prevent climate change as much as possible. However, I’ve always been worried by some aspects of the climate change protagonists. The problem I have is nature’s own climate change effects are far greater than any change man has done. Just look at the last 2,000 years in that time there was a mini ice age in the time of Dickens and in the 1st century AD the climate in places like Britain was far warmer than it is today — in fact when the Vikings first went to Iceland there were no glaciers there. Also our approach to solving climate change like reducing Carbon Dioxide levels seems very passive and incomplete. The reality is that Methane levels also have a significant effect on climate since it has 25–33 times the effect of Carbon Dioxide although has much lower levels — little is being done to control methane levels — probably because it’s politically incorrect to control the number of beef cattle in the US. Additionally the earth’s weather system is unstable — small changes cause significant shifts to different states — there is no guarantee that reducing carbon dioxide will have exactly the opposite effect of increasing it because the earth’s weather system has moved into a different state.

It strikes me that man should control the earth’s climate in an active way. The biggest effect on the climate is the amount of energy coming from the sun. I think we should actively control the amount of light that hits the earth -reducing the light when the earth is warming up and increasing the light when the earth is cooling. This could be done using gigantic obstacles and mirrors in space around the earth — we would also need to have much better software models on the climate to ensure we actually make the right changes.

Controlling the climate actively could have a business model associated with it. The cost of natural disasters is huge and these costs have been increasing. Just a few weeks ago the flooding in the north of England caused by heavy rain caused £1B worth of damage. The UK government talk of increasing the UK’s flood defences — surely it would be better to prevent the heavy rainfall which was fully predicted by the weather forecasters days before it fell on the land — it could have been made to fall on the north Atlantic sea.

We should be in control of our climate destiny by active measures not defensive and passive measures.