I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

“Having worked for multiple different employers…”

Choose one or the other, multiple or different. Actually, ‘a variety of employers’ would make more sense, and get your point across in a much clearer way.

“…and you’re telling me LESS people are clicking…”

FEWER people are clicking. If you can count the commodity, fewer should be used. Use ‘less’ for specific measurements of money, distance, time, or weight.

“Less people see them, like them, share them and Facebook reads this as, no one is interested.”

No, darlin’, FEWER people see them, like them, share them…”

“Direct is better then social.”

Seriously? You don’t see the problem here? Then=time, not now, then. You’re making a comparison, so it should be ‘than’. It’s not brain surgery, okay?

I realize that most people your age haven’t got a clue about grammar. If this article is an example of the Facebook page content, maybe you should go through and make necessary corrections. If you intend to communicate using written media, it would be a good idea to learn it. Add to that this is supposed to be a publication company…it does have editors who know grammar, right? Because, honey, you don’t. And if you’re the one in control of the Facebook content, that could be your biggest problem, not Facebook algorithms. Who would want to deal with a publication company that can’t put out decent content? As a reader, and a writer, I expect the published works I buy to be worth the money I spend. I expect proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If I see an ad that doesn’t have that, I’m not about to waste my time on whatever is being advertised.

Maybe you should go over that FB page, and make any needed corrections. Maybe then people will start taking the page seriously.

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