Robin, go back and read my comment, please.
Carl Sandburg

I apologize for misreading your comment. While I understand what you’re saying, I have every right to be angry about what’s happening to my country. I have every right to hold responsible those who put such an inept person into the White House. My anger makes me more active in trying to get rid of him, I’m actually more aware politically than I’ve ever been. Yes, I totally understand the genuine reasons for the this mess. What the Progressives (I’ve given up completely on the Democrats, they continue with ‘business as usual’ politics rather than listening to their constituents!) need to realize is there is a bloc of voters that will NEVER see reason on many issues, and rather than trying to pander to that group, they need to reach out to those who do want positive changes in this country.

I’m not the only angry person in this country. Sometimes anger can be a good thing. It spurs one into action. I honestly believe this is one of the times when the anger of the voters is going to lead to change in this country, and change for the better. If I remember correctly, it was a group of pissed off people who started the whole thing known as the USofA.

Again, let me apologize for misreading your post as to your support of Trump.