When we five girls were growing up, in a household comprised of children raising children?

I raised a boy. Never hid my tampons/pads during that time of the month, they sat right beside the toilet because I was NOT about to get up to go the cabinet to get them. Tossed the tampon applicator into the trash. (Although I did put it back in the little plastic wrap, simply because I’m OCD and can’t have trash look ‘trashy’. It’s a personal hangup of mine…) The biggest problem with our repressive society is making anything having to do with the female body ‘dirty’ or something shameful, something that should be hidden. Screw that. Boys need to be raised understanding that women have bodies, that women have brains, and that women are human, just like they are. Imagine what the world could be like if all kids were raised the way I raised my son, and you’re raising your daughter. Damned near paradise, am I right?

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