Robin, I work in education, and so have contact with a vertiable army of progressive-minded people.
Carl Sandburg

Just needed to add these thoughts: I don’t give a damn about any of the reasons people give for voting for Trump. Every one is a bullshit reason. Those people knowingly, willingly voted for the most hateful, bigoted, racist, misogyistic, mentally deranged person I’ve ever had the displeasure of observing. NO REASON given can ever make up for those votes. As far as I’m concerned, those votes condone the type of anti-social behavior the Pumpkin Furhrer displays. And as such, those people are as responsible for what happens in America now as the Pumpkin Furhrer and his band of Horror Clowns. No, I am not forgiving nor forgetting.

I sure as hell wasn’t going to vote for Hillary, either, (Bernie Sanders fan all the way!) BUT…I voted my conscience, NOT for a monster. I don’t give a damn how many people and how the media try to ‘normalize’ that asshole. He’s NOT normal, he never has been, he’s never succeeded at anything in his life (how many bankruptcies? How many law suits? How many failed businesses? The ONLY thing he’s done is slapped his name on everything he can.)

The idea of ‘giving him a chance’ chills me to the bone. Give him a chance to do what? Destroy us all? Lead us down a path that’s been walked before, with horrendous results?

I will NEVER accept that…asshole…as anything more than an elite who needs a ‘huge’ dose of reality.

We disagree. I agree with that.

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