Best Reasons: Why You Should increase the Domain Authority of your Website

Domain Authority

It has been now almost three years that Google Page rank is Gone. I remember working on increasing the Page Rank of my Website. But suddenly things changed and we moved from Page Rank to the Domain authority.

Domain Authority was always there but we were like more concentrated on the Page Rank to check the reputation of any website or Blog. But When page Rank Was gone all the webmasters were left with some other things to check the reputation of any website. But It appeared that Domain Authority (a metrics by Moz) was and is still considered as best to check the reputation of any website.

Why increase Domain Authority of your Website?

  1. Domain Authority has become one of the best way to know the reputation of any website or Blog.

2. Every Blogger or webmaster wants to increase the domain authority.

3. All want links from a high authoritative site which has a good Domain Authority.

4. Even the Nofollow links are considered as Good from the websites which have high DA.

5. Google also gives more preference to the sites which have high DA.

6. A website with high Domain Authority is paid more with Sponsored posts.

7. There is a possibility that many will want to write Guest post on high Authoritative sites.

What I want to Say?

I would say that if you have a website which is having less DA then you should start making your effort to increase the Domain authority of your website. Because if you are doing that you will be paid more and chances are that your sites may get more organic traffic.

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